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E Eric Guirard began practicing law in 1987. He founded E Eric Guirard Injury Lawyers in 1994 with one partner and two secretaries.  The firm quickly grew into the largest personal injury firm in  Baton Rouge and one of the largest in  Louisiana and the   United   States.  E’s firm eventually employed  18  attorneys and  65  employees.  E Eric  Guirard Injury Lawyers has represented over 30,000 clients for their legal needs,  employed hundreds of employees,  and added millions of dollars to the tax base of  East Baton Rouge Parish and the state of Louisiana. In 2000, the firm also constructed a  10,000  square foot Italian Renaissance office building on  Government Street and I-10 in Baton Rouge which has become a Baton Rouge landmark known as the “Gateway to  Downtown”. 


E  was born deep in the heart of Cajun Country in South Louisiana in St. Martinville, Louisiana on July  13, 1958.  He grew up in  Baton Rouge where his father,  Gerald   “Jay-Boy”   Guirard was a successful businessman having founded  Mid  South Door Company in 1962. E was graduated from Catholic  High  School in  Baton Rouge in  1976.  He then received a  Bachelor of  Arts degree in Broadcast  Journalism and  Political  Science from  LSU in 1981 and a  Juris  Doctorate from the LSU Law Center in  1987.  


E  was also a   professional touring stand-up comic having performed under the stage name of “Cajun E”.  In  1985  he ran for Lieutenant Governor for the state of Louisiana with a platform to eliminate the office of Lieutenant  Governor which he saw   (and still sees)   as a  useless or at least superfluous expenditure of taxpayer dollars.  His campaign slogan was,  “Hire Me To Fire Me”. He finished in 5th  place with 5% of the vote and almost  70,000 votes statewide.


E has also written and recorded a compilation of rap, reggae and ballad songs entitled   “Dephyphenate – American  Conservative Rap”.   The   CD   is a   collection of   7   rap songs,   1  reggae song a    ballad that espouses E’s conservative/libertarian views  (E calls it Conservatarianism) on various political topics of the day.  E has also written a country music CD. 


E  is additionally a health enthusiast. He is a runner,  weight lifter, basketball player, tennis player and yoga practitioner.  E has organized and participated in Sunday Night Basketball – a 10 man   “pick up”  full-court basketball game which has been played every  Sunday night for over 40 years! E has two wonderful, gorgeous and brilliant children,  Eason and  Eden both of whom attend  Episcopal  High School – because it is the only school in Baton Rouge that starts with the letter “E”!





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